Indoor Seedling Growth System

One thing we're considering, as a useful prototyping activity, is to setup an indoor seedling growth system.

UPDATE: This project is now complete. Due to your generosity we were able to purchase, assemble, and begin using our 3-tier growing system.


This indoor seedling growth system would give us a serious leg up on the spring growing season by enabling us to start our plants earlier indoors, under optimal growing conditions. Once the seedlings have had time to sprout, and the weather is warming up a bit, we can transplant them to our Prototype Farm space in early spring, and on from there.

Transplanted plants have a stronger start than seeds and lead to a more curated and manageable growing space. The major benefit of the system below, is that we would be able to bring this system with us from the Prototype Farm to the Genesis Farm.

The 3-Teir SunLite Garden 🌱

The most ready-to-use-system, that would enable us to grow up to 288 seedlings concurrently is the 3-Teir SunLite Garden from Gardener's Supply Company. We have space available in our office studio (aka the Buddhist Geeks Studio) for this system, which already gets decent sunlight. With the addition of the LED grow lamps our seedlings will get plenty of sunlight and can then be transported out to our prototype farm space in Mars Hill, where we can start planting them in the spring of 2020.

Support Us πŸ’—

We will be raising funds to help purchase this system in Q4 2019. If you'd like to support those efforts you can contribute to The Farm Fund. If you'd like to stay abreast of developments in the farm project, you're also invited to subscribe to the πŸ’Œ BG Farm Newsletter.

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