Shared Living

A new model of Shared Living is at the heart of the vision of the Buddhist Geeks Farm.

Our deep vision for Shared Living on the Buddhist Geeks Farm & Retreat is one in which we learn how to live together, harmoniously, optimizing our precious time, protecting each other's interests, decentering from networks that don't have our own or the larger ecology's best interests in heart, and finally, to share the veggies and fruits of abundance we grow during this journey.

Apparently, this is the #1 Lesson Learned by Shared Living Communities...

The number #1 lesson learned by shared living communities, according to the research conducted by Space10, is that what they all had in common, and each claimed to be critical in their self-assessment of their own success, was some regular frequency of shared meals.

As such, we are proposing that we build into the design of the Buddhist Geeks Farm operations regular shared meals. This highly collectivizes the cost of food, and minimizes the amount of collective time spent preparing food. And with a maximum output of fresh food coming from our own farming production, we become increasingly collectively sufficient on the all-important food front.

SPACE10 is exploring the brave new world of Shared Living πŸ“±

One of the best resources on exploring the world of Shared Living, is this one by Space10, a weird ass future design shop in Copenhagen, funded by Ikea. Yup, they're paid to do a bunch of cool ass shit, most of which helps the collaborative commons.

Here's their excellent site, which includes a publication and the podcast is below.

The Shared Living Podcast Series πŸŽ™

This very well produced podcast series explores a number of interesting topics related to shared living, and the variety of ways it manifests currently. We highly recommend listening to these, to get a sense for the social topography of this project.

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