๐Ÿค‘The Financial Model

The Genesis Farm & Retreat will eventually be able to house 10 people in Western North Carolina. At any given time, some number of these members will be present as weekly retreatants, who can come and practice from 1 to 4 weeks at a time. Others will be staying for months at a time, as monthly residents, living a more integrated work-life schedule on the farm. Those that stay for a full year, can sign on as yearly residents, who live on the farm for an extended period at a time and take on more core roles within the farm's holacratic practice of self-governance.


Length of Stay

Cost of Living

Weekly Retreatant

1-4 Weeks


Monthly Resident

1-12 Months


Yearly Resident

1+ Year(s)


For those staying week-to-week & month-to-month, it will be comparable in cost to other long-term, affordable retreat centers in the US. Living costs cover all basic living expensesโ€“minus personal debtโ€“and become cheaper as one commits to longer stays. This incentivizes stability within the community as well as a smaller ecological footprint, with less coming & going.

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