The Politics of Shared Living

There are a number of important political ramifications that we derive from this experiment in shared living.

A Free & Open Internet πŸ•Έ

Network neutrality is under assault. In order for humanity to engage in an open sharing of knowledge, we will align ourselves with those who are fighting to protect a free & open internet for all people.

A Green New Deal 🌎

We believe that we need to get in front of the rapidly accelerating ecological crisis, by doing everything in our power to lower our ecological footprint to zero, and restabilize the homeostatis of the planet. We recognize that larger societal changes must also take place to meet this goal, and stand for A Green New Deal.

Universal Healthcare πŸš‘

We believe that healthcare is a basic human right, and stand for universal & affordable healthcare for all people. It's also the case that having affordable healthcare makes our shared living model, and others like it, more tenable.

Freedom of Religion πŸ„

"The criminalisation of entheogenic substances must be regarded as the greatest and most tragic case of mass religious persecution in history." - Alexander Bard & Jan Soderqvist, "Syntheism"

We believe that people should be free to practice their religious traditions, including newly emerging syncretic traditions, so that we can continue to explore the vast domain of consciousness and our deeper connection with all of life. Though the Buddhist tradition, from which we pull much of our inspiration, doesn't have a well-documented history with entheogenic substance use, most indigenous cultures & religions do. We stand for the protection of religious freedom, and the end of persecution, by governments around the world, toward entheogenic compounds & traditions that have the potential to bring spiritual illumination and healing to those who use them wisely.

Universal Basic Income πŸ’΅

The entire design of the Buddhist Geeks Farm & Retreat is built around the economics of enabling a yearly resident to have everything they need to live simply for $1,000 USD/month. This is the same amount that most Universal Basic Incomes proposed in United States aim for, as it closely matches the current US Poverty Line. We want to be able to live meaningful, connected, & impactful lives by freeing up our time and attention. With the way that we're structuring our economics on the farm, and because we believe that technological automation continues to break apart old socioeconomic models, we support the arising of some kind of Universal Basic Income for all people.

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