Food πŸ₯’

Our goal is to develop food abundance on the Buddhist Geeks Farm!

We want to produce enough for food for own needs plus an abundant excess. This excess can be used in any number of strategic ways, including being preserved for later consumption, being sold to produce extra capital to improve operations on the farm, being traded for other goods we need, and being given to local communities in need of healthy food.

To be able to enact these strategies first requires that we develop food abundance! Here are some of the food production methods & farming philosophies that we find of most interest currently...

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Aquaponics 🐟

Aquaponics is a regulated, closed system of fish feeding plants through their rich in nitrogen waste, which super charges the growth of the plants. The plants then clean the water, which is recirculated back into the fish tanks. Aquaponics use significantly less water than traditional soil-based growing techniques, and in addition to being able to produce a large variety of plants year-round, this system also produces fish, adding a high quality, year-round bio-available protein source to our diet. Many aquaponic systems work with Tilapia, but we're also curious, for The Genesis Farm, about Rainbow Trout, a pink fleshy fish similar to Salmon, which is indigenous to Western North Carolina.


Chickens πŸ₯š

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