Buddhist Geeks Farm
The Buddhist Geeks Farm is An Experiment in Mindful Living

The Buddhist Geeks Farm will...

    Grow & harvest fresh organic food
    Host ongoing small-scale meditation retreats
    Provide residents with everything necessary to live simply
    Utilize the autonomous self-governing practices of Holacracy
    Train interested parties in our approach to mindful living
    Contribute learning material to the collaborative commons using open source models​

The Genesis Farm 🐣

We, Vincent Horn & Emily Horn, are currently organizing a Genesis Farm, to be established in the mountains of Western North Carolina, near Asheville, in the early 2020s.

Learn more about...

In the meantime we're working on...

The Farm Newsletter πŸ’Œ

If you're interested in staying in the loop regarding developments with the Buddhist Geeks Farm project, or interested in getting involved on the ground floor of 🐣 The Genesis Farm you're invited to join the Buddhist Geeks Farm Newsletter.


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