Phase 1: Prototype Farm

In the first phase of this project we've begun by establishing a Prototype Farm in Western North Carolina. We've been fortunate to have Vincent's grandparents, Peggy & Latif Fakhoury, offer us space to grow on their small family farm. They're also mentoring us, and with ~140 years of experience between them, we feel we're in really good hands! We began planting crops in the summer of 2019, and are looking forward to our first full growing season in 2020.

The purpose of the prototype farm is to start simply--a type of minimum viable farm--so that we can learn by doing. All of the knowledge gained on the prototype farm can then be applied to the Genesis Farm. The other function of the prototype farm is to generate interest in the Genesis Farm, so that those who are interested in participating in and supporting the next phase can actually see what we're working toward. See, isn't it pretty?:

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