The Farm Schedule

The Farm Schedule is a work-practice-life balance wherein we spend our time dedicated to Practicing, Farming, Working, & Living Together.
The idea at the Buddhist Geeks Farm is that we're on something of a relaxed monastic schedule. Our lifestyle is built around opportunities for and interest in contemplative dharma practices, while we enact new ways of living, learning, and loving together, offering the best of ourselves to a new emerging planetary culture. All farm residents are asked to balance their contemplative practice, with their roles & accountabilities on the farm, alongside their professional work and personal time.

Practice Time

Practice Time can take many different forms, including a meditative walk, a silent group sit after dinner, or social meditation in small groups. The community will have a dedicated schedule, for all community activities, and everyone can decide how to interact with the schedule.

Farm Work

Everyone on the Farm, even weekly retreatants, have a certain amount of farm work that they're expected to do.
Membership Type
Daily Avg Farm Work
Holacratic Roles
Core Roles
Weekly Retreatants
~1.5 hrs / day
Monthly Residents
~3 hrs / day
Yearly Residents
~3 hrs / day
Monthly & Yearly Residents take place in official Holacracy meetings, and hold official holacratic roles within the organization, while Weekly Retreatants are invited to sit in and observe meetings if they like. Only Yearly Residents can hold Core Holacratic Roles including the Lead Link, Rep Link, Facilitator, & Secretary Roles.

Professional Work

All farm residents will have 3 hours of professional work time available daily. The basic idea, with professional work time, is that every resident should have plenty of time to do the work they need to do in order to cover their monthly living costs while making a contribution with their work.
Professional work time will likely show the most variance, in terms of what people do with this time. Some people will be doing digital work, or teaching work, or some other form of outside work, while others may not need to do any extra work for money, and can use this time as they see fit. We imagine that this model will be particularly easy for digital freelancers to adopt, given their source of income is already non-local.

Personal Time

Living as a resident on the Farm basically amounts to working part-time on the farm, part-time doing professional work, and then engaging in a few hours / day of formal practice. Think of this as a relaxed monastic schedule, strict but not insane. Our proposed schedule still leaves one with several hours a day for personal enrichment, deepening relationships, and letting loose.